Martha's Cry for Help - Public Awareness

I am writing this letter because I am deeply concerned about the lack of information that is given by vets about the rabies vaccine. According to the VA Dept. of Health the initial shot given to the animal is not effective until 28 days after the shot is administered. Unfortunately, my daughter's kitten
got out 6 days after receiving the shot and got bitten by what I believe was a opossum. When I took the kitten to the vet regarding the bite I was told then that the responsible adult thing to do was to put her to sleep and have her tested. My only other option was to have her in quarantine for 6 months with no human contact. I would also have had to kept a list of anyone who came to my house during that time. My heart was telling me to bring the kitten home but I felt like I was being backed into a corner by my vet and the health department. The kitten had scratched the vet's finger by accident during the exam, but that was because she hurt the kitten. She was an undernourished kitten about 2 months old when my daughter found her in a swamp near her apartment on the school campus. I kept her in an air conditioned garage at my house and nursed her back to health. When my daughter found Martha she had been abandoned for so long that she only looked like she was about 5 weeks old. All she wanted to do was put her arms around you and lick you to death. I never dreamed we would have to face this tragedy. We live in an agricultural area with over 3 acres with horses and cats and have always kept up the rabies shots for our animals. Never once in all my years have I ever had a vet give me this information regarding the 28 days. When I contacted other vets I was informed that they didn't know about this 28 day period. My point is that every vet should know this and it should be noted in bold print on the certificate given to the client. I think we deserve the knowledge so we can choose to protect our pets in the best way possible. Poor Martha did not have rabies and I do not want her to die in vain. I want there to be a law mandating that vets make the disclosure on the certificate of
the initial vaccine. It seems like common sense to me that information would be given at the time of the vaccination. If they don't inform the public then they leave you with a false sense of protection. Everyone I have contacted tells me they have never been informed by their vets. This kind of ignorance can lead to an animal being infected and a person not knowing until it is too late. I was hoping you could help me find a way to see to it that vets become more aware and informative before another tragedy has to happen. Public awareness could save the life of an animal or possibly a human. I look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on how we can make this a reality.












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